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I have here a very used and abused Nes that I was able to pick up for a couple bucks at a yard sale. When I got it home I hooked it up and tested it out but all I got was the terrible blinking red light, and on top of that the mechanism that held the game down in the unit needed repaired. So thus begins my adventure into Nes resurrection.....

stnes1.jpg picture by NintendoBeyond

The first thing to do is find a nice uncluttered space to operate. Then gather the needed tools and cleaning supples.

stnes2.jpg picture by NintendoBeyond

Now its time to remove the cover there are only six phillips screws that hold the top on, just flip the unit over and you will see the six wells, three in the front and three towards the back. Remove those and flip the unit over while holding the top in place. After you have the unit upright you can safely remove the top.

stnes3.jpg picture by NintendoBeyond

As you can see from the image there have been some insects that once called this place home. On the underside of the lid you will need a small plan end screw driver to remove the black pieces from the top.

stnes4.jpg picture by NintendoBeyond

Once that is done take the top and two black pieces to the sink for a little bath. I used Clorox clean up spray but another kind may do the job as well. Spray on the cleaner and let it sit for a minute or two. Then take the scrubber sponge and remove the tough stuff.

stnes5.jpg picture by NintendoBeyond

As you can see it came very clean with just a small amount of elbow grease. Don't forget to clean the small black parts, an old tooth brush should do well on this, and could also be used on the nooks and crannys of the case. For our next step we will remove the metal shield that covers the cartridge loading assembly there are seven screws that hold this piece on and they are very easy to see, just remove those and pull off the shield.

stnes6.jpg picture by NintendoBeyond

Now that the loading assembly is exposed I can see why the unit will not hold the game down when inserted. It appears that the front of the assembly is bowed out about a quarter of an inch. I will be able to fix this when I reassemble the unit so lets just keep moving on the disassembly shall we. Remove the six screws that holds the assembly to the main circuit board . After the screws are removed slide the assembly forward until it hits the screw shaft coming off from the bottom of the unit, you now may have to lift up and wiggle it a bit to get it away from the cartridge connector. Put the assembly aside for the time being and focus on the three connectors going to the main board. Two of them are for the controllers and the larger blue one is for the reset, power switch, and the red light. Be sure to label the two smaller wire so that your controllers are still first player on the left.

stnes7.jpg picture by NintendoBeyond

After they are off you can simply remove the under shield because it doesn't have any screws holding it on. Go ahead and pull the circuit board out and lay it in a safe place.

stnes8.jpg picture by NintendoBeyond

Remove the two screws that hold the power/reset switches on and remove them. Turn the bottom over and remove the two screws under the controller ports. To remove the black piece slide the bottom forward and lift up, now the two connectors will pull through the front of the case leaving you with an empty base. Just clean the Base the same way you cleaned the top. While the top and bottom are drying remove the 72 pin connector from the circuit board by pulling it firmly but being careful not to damage the board.

stnes9.jpg picture by NintendoBeyond

Now here is where it is handy to be married, Take a small foam blush brush and put some alcohol on it. Slide it in and out of the connector on the side that the cartridge is inserted, or you may wish to buy a new one on ebay. Once that is done you can start the reassembly. Simply follow the directions you have just read but in reverse. To fix the Problem I had where the game would not stay down just make sure when you put the loading assembly back on the main board that you slide it strait on. There is an overhang on the front of the assembly that goes under the board. If you do not do this then the little edge that is supposed to be under the board will be on top and when the screws are tightened the assembly will bow and cause the cart not to stay down.

stnes10.jpg picture by NintendoBeyond

Now that the job is completed it looks great except for the missing lid. I retested the unit and it came on with no blinking on the first try.

If you decide to do this be warned. NintendoCosmos and/or Retro Nintendo IS NOT RESPONSABLE IF YOU DAMAGE OR RUIN YOUR NES. IF YOU ARE AFRAID OF THAT DO NOT TRY THIS.




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