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Submit them!!  ;-P

Do you or someone you know has a Wii Damage Story that he/she would like to submit? Send us your most painful & damage story you got. Images are must be included for prove. If you have a Wii medical report please send it to us. Will keep al of your private infomation on it Private. to protect you. Your real name will not be shown execpt for the first & last intl.


So send them in to us. Will be posted as soon as we get them.

Submit Wii Damage Story

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Wiiward bound.

It's not everyday that a webmaster get's to post a Wii damage story about him & his Wii. a few days ago I went to set up camp at a camp ground in the mountains. My Aunt made me keep my Wii outside under the tarp. I came back a day later to find that the tarp was half blown off. and a cat was laying next to my Wii. The nintendo wii was cold. So I plug it into my tv to see if it works. but it didn't turn on. I was so effing piss that I took my fist & rasied it up into the air to slam it to the picnic table. My cousin who is 30 was carrting a 2 by 4 to chop up with the ax. hit's me in the back of the neck. I drop me Wii mote to the ground where it lands on a rock. I check the Wiimote to make sure it was okay. But I was pissed that the Wii or my tv was not working at all. I pluged everything in where it belongs. my aunt told me why don't you plug in the cord to the outlet. you freaking idiot. I said I did. She plug it in & and the tv went on & I pressed the power button on the Wii & everything worked fine. My Aunt unplug the cord from the outlet when I was not looking.. I thought the Wii was busted & dead. When it rain hard the night I had to leave it out. Now I take complete caution of my Wii to make so it travels safetly.

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A Almost Fatal Return

Our next story almost didn't qualify for a Wii damage story but it is posted since the Nintendo Wii is hard to find. here is what Sk8master545 wrote to us.



"The first day I got the wii, it was like the best thing that ever happened in my life. I opened the box rreeaalllyy carefully to make sure nothing would be broken. I carefully dusted off the shelve then placed it extremely carefully onto it. Then I carefully set up all the cords. The bad thing that I didn't noticed that happened was, I forgot to connect the sensor bar since I had no idea what it was. So when I turned on the wii, I tried to move the controller, but nothing happened. I was worried because the controller had batteries in it and the light was on. So then I came to the conclusion that "It was defective". So then I sadly packed away the Nintendo Wii back into the box to return, but then I noticed the instruction manual. Then I looked through and it said "Attach sensor bar cord here". Then suddenly I remembered.... "The bar thingy!" Then I quickly set the wii back up again and then i noticed a moving hand. Then I just yelled "YYYEEEESSSS". And to think I was about to send it back..."


Just imagine that if he did turn it back and some other lucky kid got it. And played it. LOL... Don't forget about the sensor bar kids.

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Grilfriend beaten by her Boyfriend's Wiimote.


"Last night I was playing Tennis on my Wii. My girlfriend was sat on the sofa behind me.

 I was really getting into the game, and I do play it hard! She tried to get off the sofa and do

to the kitchen. I went to take a swing for a long forehand shot and I hear a massive BANG.

 The corner of the remote smacked her in the face, right next to her eye. When she stopped

 covering her face, I saw all the blood and had to rush her to the hospital."


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She Broke my Heart & My Window

OH Girls Just want to have fun!!


One Girl Beaten by Boyfriend and this one breaks the window.

"So my girlfriend and I were taking our Wii Fitness tests one night and her second event was hitting homeruns. She was having trouble hitting one so I told her she needed to swing harder. Well she did, she just forgot to grip harder. The result: a broken window. The pisture is of my girlfriend Eliot and the damage done. -Paul"

Wii Have A Problem


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Red Card Tennis


"Yesterday, I was at wii game's night along my cousins and my boyfiend. We decided to Play tennis (Wii Sports) I was playing doubles with my boyfriend against 2 cousins. Anyway, we were almost winning the game and we were all very concentrated when my boyfriend aly hit me with his remonte in my elbow. I felt a pain in my arm and had to throw myself to the couch before fainting. these pictures show what happened."


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Mom Wii need a bullet proof window

BrokenWindowWiipic.jpg picture by NintendoBeyond

DUDEWHERESMYCART of the Nintendo forums was playing Wii Sports: Tennis when the controller flew from his sweaty hands. The Strap failed and let the remote go through his parent's house window and out into the yard. Now the window and him have been boarded up. He's currently grounded.


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Danes like to Break stuff

BustedfingerWii.jpg picture by NintendoBeyond

"I've had my Wii for 3 weeks now. I've been playing just long enough to discover that you can do some cool moves in Wii sports, tennis. High underhand balls, smashes and screw-balls. I was practicing the screw-balls with great empathy and excitement. Suddenly I bang the Wiimote up in my ceiling lamp which is made of glass, and cut my index finger all the way to the bone.

God thanks my girfriend was home when it happened. She's a nurse and managed to stop the bleeding within 20-30 minutes and got my finger stitched back together with some medical staples/strips.

Right now the only regrets and frustrations is caused by the fact that I'll have to wait for my finger to get well enough to start playing again." -David from Denmark


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Mommy let's play Trauma Center for the wii

"My 7 yr old son had just accepted a challegene from his sister to play his new game he just got for his birthday, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz. They settled to try the Hammer Throw mini game, he was confident he could outthrow his sister, so he started to spin and spin, then he fell down catching the leg of my computer desk with his forehead. After a lot of blood, a lot of screaming/crying and a trip to Urgent Care, he ended up having 4 stiches in his head. -eric"

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