Super Nintendo Entertainment System 2:

Nintendo Super Nintendo Entertainment System 2 (SNS-101)

snes2_sys.jpg image by NintendoBeyond

     The Super Nintendo 2 unit was released right around the time of the Nintendo 64 release. The system came with two controllers, AV cables, an AC adapter, and Super Mario World 2: Yohsi's Island game cartridge. The SNES 2 did not accept a standard RF switch like the NES or SNES 1 did. It took a RF switch that would fit the Nintendo 64. All previous games made for the SNES would play on the redesigned system. In contrast to the SNES 1, the SNES 2 was smaller and lacked the eject button.


snes2_back.jpg image by NintendoBeyond

Back of the Super Nintendo II:

1. AV Output
2. Power Output