A brief history lesson: Before creating industry uber-brand, the PlayStation, Sony was working with Nintendo (of Wii fame) to create a SNES CD add-on. But that wasn't it! They were also working on a separate, Sony branded console that would play CDs and SNES cartridges. That console, like a mythical beast roaming the expanses of the digital world, had never been spotted ... until now. Like a lost Picasso finding its way to a humble garage sale, this early PlayStation pops up at (if you couldn't tell) and encourages us to think back at what could have been. Y'know, it could have been the PlayStation with the motion-sensitive controller. Oh, wait ...

There's no way to verify the veracity of game-rave's claim that "it's real," but they promise updates "very, very soon." Like now? How about now? Are there updates ... now?

Nintendoandsonyprototypeconsole1.jpg picture by NintendoBeyond

As we can see from the photo above the nintendo Prototype has a head-phone jack and a volume button. two SNES controler slots a Memory card and a Super Famicom Cartidge slot above. For the CD-Rom drive there's an Eject button. I'm guessing that it fips the top open to reveil the CD-Rom slot for the games..


Below. you can tell that the prototype was in it's very early stages. with a AC-Adapter jack. An Nintensdo RCA Cable plug fund in the SNES,N64,GCN, console on the back.. I'm not sure what the wire is for. and why there are openings on the left side of the console.


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