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Sega Producer Wants Saturn And Dreamcast Classics On Nintendo Switch:

I doubt few will disagree when I say the world needs Phantasy Star Online for Nintendo Switch, and the likelihood of that dream becoming reality has never been higher. Why? Multiple hints and even an official source point to Sega expanding its recently announced Sega Ages collection to include Saturn and Dreamcast games.

Dreamcast and Saturn games on Switch would be a dream come true for millions of gamers

[Related: Hundreds of people are still playing Phantasy Star Online for PC, and you can too.]

According to a new report at GAME Watch (translated by Reset Era moderator Dooble), Sega Ages series producer Kagasei Shimomura wants the title lineup to expand from arcade classics to Sega Saturn and Dreamcast consoles. The longtime producer spoke with the audience at Sega Fes 2018 and received wild applause when he said "We will extend this initiative to the Saturn and Dreamcast with your continued support." (Translated by Twitter user @Stealth_ in this thread.)

If I had to hazard an educated guess, Sega executives will gauge how well the initial 15 Sega Ages games (only a handful of which have been announced) sell on Switch and then determine which classic tiles from Saturn and Dreamcast could perform well on a global scale.

Speaking of porting, as my colleague Ollie Barder pointed out, the developer handling emulation duties for Sega Ages titles is none other than M2, which also handled Sega Ages ports on PlayStation 2 and Nintendo 3DS. Simply put, this means the eventual ports are in very capable hands.

Setting aside the thrilling prospect of Saturn and Dreamcast games coming to the Switch, the task of choosing what lands there has to be a daunting task for the company. Millions of gamers have never played the two most outstanding Saturn releases because of their rarity and limited production runs: Burning Rangers and Panzer Dragoon Saga.

Classics like Phantasy Star Online could see a resurgence of popularity on platforms like Switch. Next up: Localize PSO 2 please!

Then you move to the Dreamcast lineup and it scrambles the brain. With the Switch's local multiplayer functionality, imagine the fun of Power Stone 2 (a Capcom title but we can still dream), Chu Chu Rocket and the legendary Phantasy Star Online. Consider epic RPGs like Skies of Arcadia. Or the quirky but unforgettable stuff like Space Channel 5, Seaman and Jet Set Radio.

Make no mistake: one or any combination of these games could be potential system sellers for Nintendo.

Oh, and you know Sega recently announced Shenmue 1 & 2 HD for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. They're skipping Switch for now. Any guesses why?

I've reached out to Sega of America PR to see if they have any further details or clarifications to offer. For now, I'm going to hold tightly to my dream of finally playing legendary games like Phantasy Star Online on my Switch.

UPDATE 1: In a press release that arrived shortly after this article was published, Sega included a description of the Sega Ages program. I'm quoting a passage that seems quite relevant to the above news: "SEGA AGES aims to bring prominent titles from SEGA's legacy catalog to fans around the world. From a selection of home console classics, to a multitude of perfectly-emulated arcade games, SEGA AGES gives fans the ability to build their own retro SEGA collection unlike any other."

UPDATE 2: Sega of America Senior PR Manager Jacob Nahin responded to my request, and emphasized that Sega will only comment on Sega Ages at this time.


Level-5 Says All Future Main Titles Will Be On Switch:

Akihiro Hino, the CEO of Level-5, has told Japanese website Nikkei Trendy that they plan to focus mostly on the Switch from hereon out.

Level-5, the developers behind games like Professor Layton, Inazuma 11, and recently Ni No Kuni II, told the website that were going to end up doing a lot of their games on Nintendo's hybrid system in the future.

"Basically, in the future our main titles will all be released on Nintendo Switch," Hino said. "The idea is that what we have created for 3DS will move over to Switch.”

Hino was, at first, quite skittish about the system. As a successor to the Wii U, Level-5 treated the Switch rather tepidly at first, but Hino appears to be on board now. The initiative to bring games to the system begins with Snack World, another Level-5 cross-media project that has faced quite a few struggles since its announcement in 2016. The game originally launched on 3DS but a Switch version was announced earlier this year.

What Level-5 games do you want to see on the Switch? Let us know below in the comments.

[Source: Nikkei Trendy via Gematsu]


Nintendo Hosting Super Smash Bros. Switch & Splatoon 2 Tournaments At E3:

Nintendo is letting gamers at E3 dive right in and test their mettle with the newly announced Super Smash Bros. title on the Switch. Both the upcoming game and Splatoon 2 will have tournaments from June 11-12 at the convention.

The Splatoon 2 tournament also features qualifiers that take place before E3 (click here for more info), whereas the unreleased Super Smash Bros. will be played by a select group of players invited by Nintendo. 

No new details on Super Smash Bros. on Switch have been announced. 

[Source: Nintendo]


Microsoft Willing To Put Banjo In Smash:

A newly announced Super Smash Bros. inevitably means fans are clamoring to see their favorite characters, and that's what one person has inquired to the head of Xbox.

A fan of Banjo-Kazooie, popular platformers (and a racer) created by Microsoft-owned developer Rare, Ltd., tweeted out to Phil Spencer and asked the Xbox boss, "are you still willing to let banjo and kazooie appear in smash bros??" Spencer replied with one simple word: "Yep." Banjo in Smash wouldn't be the first time Microsoft  partners with Nintendo in some manner. Minecraft and Rocket League have crossplay functionality through Xbox One and Switch.

Little is known about the upcoming Smash Bros. for Switch. We know it's releasing this year, and inklings from Splatoon are new characters, alongside returning characters like Mario and a Link modeled after his Breath of the Wild attire. Masahiro Sakurai, the creative director for the series, is also returning to direct this entry.


Our Take
When I saw the tweet, the excitement in my mind went from "A new Banjo-Kazooie game?!" to "Banjo's in Smash?!" to "Oh, Phil just wants him in it" all within a second. I'm sure I'm not the only who experienced this when pulling up that tweet, so please, for your fans, Nintendo, make it happen.


Shovel Knight Hits Two Million Copies Sold:

Yacht ClubGames has announced that Shovel Knight, the blue knight who everyone digs, has sold two million copies.

The announcement came from the studio today, recounting the long journey Shovel Knight took to get to this point. The game hit one million units after 18 months, but took another 26 months from that point to hit two million. In that time, the game has had two DLC expansions with a third one on the way, a new card game, multiple Shovel Knight guest appearances, and more.

Yacht Club also broke down the platforms where that two million number comes from.

The PC version sold the best, followed by the 3DS version, then the Switch. These numbers include not only the game's original release but also the Treasure Trove re-release with the paid DLC. Shovel Knight was kickstarted in early 2013, starting off on Wii U, 3DS, and PC. It has eventually been ported to PlayStation 4, Vita, Xbox One, Switch and more. 

You can find a full breakdown of the milestone at Yacht Club Games' blog post here.


Our Take
I am kind of surprised it took Shovel Knight so long to hit two million as it's on basically every system and is often held up as one of the most successful kickstarted indie games. It's a reminder that success is relative and momentum is a strong factor in sales.


Not Kid-Friendly: Best Nintendo Switch Games for Adults:

(Keep your kids out there. They're to young to play in here.)

Since its inception, Nintendo has made a concerted effort to maintain a somewhat squeaky clean image. With the occasional Rare exception, a Nintendo console has always been a place where parents didn't have to give a second thought about what their kids might be playing.

Well, times are changing, and just as society is changing, its views about what media should and should not be consumed so is Nintendo. It has been reported that Nintendo is encouraging developers to make some less family-friendly fare for the Switch. I for one welcome our new M-rated Switch overlords and look forward to what may be coming down the pike when it comes to mature content.

With an eye toward this brave new world, let's take a look at a few of the least child-friendly games currently available on the Nintendo Switch. Using my own experience, a little help from Common Sense Media and the ESRB I worked up this list of the games that a parent may not want their kids getting their hands on. There is no last word on what is and is not appropriate. Every kid is different, as is every parent. With all the caveats out of the way, let's get on to the gore and swearing.


Rated M by the ESRB

The Grandaddy of gory first-person shooters has made its move into the world of Switch. Smashing Doom down to fit in the palm of your hand is quite the achievement. Just as big of an achievement is the very idea that you can engage in the splatter-fest on a Nintendo branded system. This may be one to keep the young-uns away from until they're a bit older.

The violence may be unrealistic but it's most decidedly not cartoonish. Doom is pretty robust nightmare fuel which could ensure that your kids won't want to sleep alone for months to come.

Resident Evil: Revelations

Rated M by the ESRB

Just as one might expect, the main course of Resident Evil: Revelations is a heapin' helpin' of blood, guts and exploding viscera. This entry into the Resident Evil franchise made its debut on the Nintendo 3DS and now it can be played on the Switch. Not unlike Doom this is a game whose imagery and story could leave a young one with some horror induced insomnia.

As if all that violence wasn't enough, I hear tell that there is exactly one swear word uttered in the dialog.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skryrim

Rated M by the ESRB

I have probably spent hundreds of hours ensconced in the world of Skyrim. There is no denying that it is a fantastic game. There is also no denying that characters will, on occasion, have their heads removed from the rest of their bodies. Skryim does not lean into the gore in the same fashion that Doom or Resident Evil might but there is still a measurable amount of dismemberment all the same.

Aside from the occasional decapitation, Skrim does handle some fairly adult themes. I am far from the last word here but I would think that if you were ok letting your kids watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy then they will probably be ok wandering around Skyrim.

L.A. Noire

Rated M by the ESRB

Developer Rockstar Games is hardly known for their family-friendly output. The house that Grand Theft Auto built is never one to shy away from adult content and L.A. Noire is no exception.

It really ticks all the adult-themed boxes. Blood and gore, nudity, sexual themes, strong language, drug use, and violence all come together to make a hell of a game but something you should probably keep the kids away from until they're a bit older.

This Is The Police

Rated M by the ESRB

My best guess is that this is a bit of a non-issue, as I can't imagine many kids would have much interest in playing a strategy management game where you take on the role of a police chief in a corrupt city. That being said if your little one loves stylized art and resource management they may just be dying to play This Is The Police.

Just imagine any gritty film you have watched about dirty cops and that's what you will find in the game. Strong language, reference to drugs, and violence abound.

Bayonetta 1 & 2

Rated M by the ESRB

Bayonetta pretty much does it all when it comes to the sort of things that would get you a Mature rating from the ESRB. There's enough blood, guts, and viscera to make Sam Peckinpah blush. On top of all that, you ought to be prepared for female characters that suggestively gyrate and wear outfits that leave little to the imagination.

This is definitely a game to play when you're sure that the kids aren't around. If you do choose to play with the kids present, be ready to have some conversations in order to put it all in context.

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth

Rated M by the ESRB

Don't let the charming pixel-based graphics fool you. The Binding of Issac is plenty mature. There is enough blood spatter and dismemberment to go around. Aside from that, however, the themes present are adult enough to creep some out. While it may not be shown directly, the story deals with a violent and abusive mother and your attempt to escape from her.

On top of that, be prepared to wade through all sorts of bodily fluids as you make your way through this 2D dungeon crawl.

If you're worried about the content that your child is consuming on their Nintendo Switch, research is your best friend. There are plenty of outlets available to parents which will help you decide which games are right for your kids. Nintendo offers pretty extensive options when it comes to parental controls on the Switch and even give you the option of controlling those settings from your phone.

Now, if you are looking for even more mature content for your Switch you could always connect to the Japanese Switch store and see what's on offer to Japanese gamers.


Netflix App For Nintendo Switch Still Under Consideration:

 Netflix has since removed a tweet that said there were no plans for a streaming app.

The Nintendo Switch launched in March with no video streaming services whatsoever. Nintendo said this was because it wanted to focus on games and games alone for launch, and that strategy seems to have worked, as the console has sold incredibly well thus far. The video streaming service Hulu was added in November 2017 but Netflix is still nowhere to be seen. All hope is not lost however, as Netflix has now confirmed that it remains in discussions with Nintendo about bringing a Netflix app to the Switch...someday.

"We are still exploring the opportunity with Nintendo, but don't have definitive plans to share at this time," a Netflix spokesperson told Polygon.

The Netflix support Twitter account recently alarmed some Switch owners when it tweeted about there being "no plans" to launch a Netflix app on the hybrid console. That tweet has since been removed. The statement from Netflix is more open-ended and positive-sounding.

It seems like it is only a matter of time before Netflix comes to the Switch. Before the Switch was released, Nintendo executive Reggie Fils-Aime said the company was in discussions with Netflix and others to bring their services to the console.
Nintendo Switch's Dark Souls Remastered Confirmed In Surprise January 2018 Direct Video

Nintendo has a reputation for strong first-party games but limited third-party support. But with Nintendo Switch, the company is looking to turn that reputation around. And with today's surprise announcement of Dark Souls Remastered, the hybrid console is looking like an even friendlier platform for hardcore gaming experiences.

Nintendo ended today's Direct Mini presentation with a very short trailer and a May 25 release for Dark Souls Remastered. Dark Souls' previous re-release on PC was dubbed the Prepare to Die edition, which makes it sound a separate version of the game. However, in a press release following the Direct, Nintendo clarified that Remastered "includes the Artorias of the Abyss DLC, as well as improved framerate and resolution from the original." A remastered version of Dark Souls is also coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Dark Souls Remastered joins other surprising titles that have released on Nintendo's platform, such as last year's Doom and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as well as the upcoming Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and Payday 2. And while it may not be exclusive, it joins the ever-expanding list of Nintendo Switch games coming in 2018.


19 Games, and Hulu, Released for Nintendo Switch in Next Week:

The Nintendo Switch is seeing one of its most packed release weeks over the next seven days, with ports of L.A. Noire, DOOM, Rocket League, and more.

Today kicks off a release of 19 games through next Wednesday, Nov. 15, for the Switch, with Octodad: Dadliest Catch and more hitting the system today. Among today's releases is the Switch's first U.S. TV/movie streaming app, Hulu.

Check out the full slate of this next week's releases in the gallery and list below:

Following today's handful of releases, Switch launch game Snipperclips receives an expansion that will launch alongside Pro Controller support and plenty of new challenges. Doom will hit the Switch as well on Nov. 10, and while you wait for IGN's full review of the Switch version, check out our hands-on preview of Doom on Nintendo's latest console.

Next week brings another handful of major titles debuting on Switch. the first season of Telltale's Batman episodic series will debut on Nov. 14, while Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy series is also expected to come to the Switch. Rockstar Games' L.A. Noire will hit the Switch that day as well, along with remastered versions on PS4 and Xbox One, too. RiME, which released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC earlier this year, will also be released on Nov. 14, and so will Psyonix's ever-growing Rocket League.

Psyonix previously confirmed Switch-exclusive battle cars and customization options for this version of the game, while IGN spoke to Psyonix about all of its Switch features and how Mario Kart 8 inspired the Switch version earlier this year. And for more on the Rocket League phenomenon, check out IGN's Expert Mode interview with Psyonix.


Nintendo Switch Was the Best Selling Console of August 2017:

According to results published by The NPD Group, Nintendo Switch once again came out on top of console sales in the U.S.

Switch has been the top console in 4 of the 6 months of its availability.

The top-selling game for August 2017 was Madden NFL 18, followed by Grand Theft Auto 5, the game that seemingly cannot be stopped when it comes to generating revenue for Take-Two Interactive.

Both hardware and software spending fell off over the same period last year. According to NPD, growth from Nintendo Switch was offset by the decline of Xbox One and "legacy platform" sales. However, overall, "hardware spending has grown 17 percent versus 2016 to $1.7 billion" since the year began.

Here are the top 10 best selling games by revenue for August 2017, according to the NPD Group:

  • Madden NFL 18
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
  • Splatoon 2
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege
  • Mario Kart 8
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered
  • Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy
  • Overwatch
Nintendo had a great July 2017, grabbing the top spots for both consoles and games last month. Splatoon 2 took the top-spot, while Zelda still held strong. Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy was the second-best selling game last month, but it still managed to hold onto a place in the top 10.

Hulu comes to Nintendo Switch today (update):

Streaming service Hulu is coming to Nintendo Switch. Nintendo confirmed (somewhat unceremoniously) that the app will be released via the eShop this week in its weekly “Nintendo Download” email.

In a blog post, Hulu vice president of product Richard Irving confirmed that the app goes live today.

“We are very proud to announce that Hulu is the first US streaming entertainment service to debut on Nintendo Switch!” Irving said. “Beginning later today, Hulu subscribers will now be able to use their Nintendo Switch to stream all of their favorite TV whether they’re at home or on the go.

“The next time you start up your Switch, you’ll be able to download Hulu directly from the Nintendo eShop and immediately dive into the new, deeply personalized Hulu experience. You’ll be able to enjoy both our traditional on-demand subscription as well as our Hulu with Live TV plan and watch live and on-demand programming from more than 50 of the top news, sports and entertainment channels including all five of the major U.S. broadcast networks, ESPN, Fox Sports, CNN, FX, Bravo, TNT, A&E and more.”

Hulu is the first entertainment streaming app to hit the Switch in North America. The console’s predecessor, Wii U, had streaming apps for Netflix, Hulu and YouTube.

It’s been a big year for Hulu — and for Hulu subscribers — as the service has scored streaming rights to popular shows, wooing away series like Futurama, 30 Rock, Bob’s Burgers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The X-Files from Netflix. The streaming network also has a slate of original programming, including The Handmaid’s Tale and upcoming series like Marvel’s The Runaways, as well as original esports shows.

Update: This post has been updated with new details from Hulu’s announcement.


Sony Is Publishing Nintendo Switch And PC Games
Under New Label Unties is a new publishing label from Sony Music.:

A division of Sony is to publish video games for, among other consoles, Switch, the company has announced. Sony Music Entertainment has launched a new publishing label called Unties, whose upcoming projects include a game, titled Tiny Metal, that's coming to Nintendo's hybrid console as well as PC and PS4.

Unties has so far revealed three more projects: one for PS4 and two listed for "PC / TBA," hinting they could come to other platforms later on. Sony Music says the label has been set up "to unearth high-quality [indie] titles … and utilize SME's vast entertainment business wisdom in order to expose them to as many consumers as possible." It went on to say it intends "to free creators from the myriad ties that bind them when it comes to publishing their games" and "make free, limitless publishing a reality."

This isn't the first time Sony has published games on non-PlayStation consoles: Sony Online Entertainment previously published games such as PlanetSide 2 and Payday: The Heist on PC. SOE, which was separate to the PlayStation brand and Sony Interactive Entertainment, was later sold off and renamed Daybreak, no longer a part of Sony.

It's interesting, then, to see Sony--albeit, again, not the PlayStation or SIE division--entering the multiplatform publishing business once more, this time on a rival company's console.


Square Enix Announces Monster Energy Motocross Game For Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PCThe officially licensed motocross arrives next February.

Gravel isn't the only off-road racer Square Enix will release next year. Ahead of the Monster Energy Cup 2017, the publisher today announced the officially licensed motocross game Monster Energy Supercross.

Monster Energy Supercross is developed by the same studio behind Gravel. The game features real-world motocross stadiums, bikes, and athletes from the 2017 Monster Energy AMA Supercross. Players will be able to play in two classes--250SX and 450SX--and choose from a roster of notable motocross racers, including Chad Reed, Ken Roczen, and current champion Ryan Dugney.

In addition to that, Monster Energy Supercross features a career mode and extensive customization options that allow players to tweak both their racers and bikes. Players can also use the game's track editor to create and share their own custom motocross courses with others online. You can check out the game's announcement trailer and first screenshots above.

Monster Energy Supercross launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on February 13, 2018. The game will also release for Nintendo Switch "shortly after." Gravel is likewise slated to release next year on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can watch eight minutes of gameplay footage from Gravel here.


Doom's Nintendo Switch Release Date Revealed. Will you play Doom on Switch?

After unveiling a surprise Switch port of Doom during a recent Direct presentation, Nintendo has now revealed when you'll be able to play the portable version. Doom will launch for Nintendo Switch on November 10 this year.

The company had previously given a "Holiday 2017" release window, choosing not to reveal a specific date. Thankfully, we now know exactly when we'll be able to shoot monsters in hell while on the go. In addition, Nintendo has posted a new video about the port--take a look at the developer interview below.

Doom's Switch port includes the full game, incorporating the single-player campaign, Arcade Mode, multiplayer, and all DLC previously released. For more, check out some Doom on Switch gameplay. Another Bethesda game, Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, is also heading to Nintendo Switch, though no release window more specific than "2018" has been shared.

Doom first launched on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2016. Our critic, Peter Brown, awarded the game an 8/10 in our full Doom review. "The loud and chaotic campaign is Doom's strongest component," he wrote. "It's straightforward and simple, but it serves its purpose: to thrust you into increasingly dire scenarios fueled by rage and the spirit of heavy metal.

"Many shooters chase the thrill Doom delivers, but few are as potent in their execution. It captures the essence of what made the classic Doom games touchstones of their day, and translates it to suit modern palates with impressively rendered hellscapes and a steady influx of tantalizing upgrades. Doom is the product of a tradition as old as shooters, and while it's not the model to follow in every case, modern shooters could learn a thing or two from Doom's honed and unadulterated identity."


Nintendo Switch EShop Update Adds A Nice New FeatureThe Switch's eShop has been updated again.

The Nintendo Switch eShop store has been updated with a nice new feature. The store was refreshed today to include a section that shows all the games currently on sale.

Nintendo Everything spotted this, and we've since checked in with the US and Australian store pages to find that the "Games On Sale" tab is there--though it is desolate right now. On the US eShop, two titles are listed: The Bridge and Infinite MiniGolf. The Australian eShop page, meanwhile, has those games and one more: Unbox - Newbie's Adventure. The Switch eShop overall has a smaller number of games than the Xbox Store or PlayStation Store, so it is no surprise that the "Games On Sale" page would feature a relatively low number of titles. It will surely fill out in time.

The Xbox and PlayStation digital stores also let you filter by games that are on sale, as do PC digital storefronts such as Steam and Origin, among others. The Switch's new "Games On Sale" tab adds to the existing ones such as "Recent Releases," "Best Sellers," "Coming Soon," and "Enter Code."

The Nintendo Switch's online features are currently free, but at some point in 2018, Nintendo will start to change a fee for online multiplayer and more. This will start at $4/month, scaling to $20/year for a year-long membership. By comparison, Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus cost $60/year.

What other new features would you like to see come to the Switch's eShop? Let us know in the comments below!


Nintendo Reportedly Encouraging Mature Titles on Switch:

Nintendo may be encouraging producers of more mature and violent games to bring their content over to Switch.

According to a report by the The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo appears to be interested in increasing the number of mature titles on its newest console to remove the stigma that its hardware is just for family-friendly content.

Takuya Aizu, chief executive of Inti Creates—the studio behind the scantily clad shooter Gal*Gun 2—said he initially assumed Nintendo wouldn't be interested in having their adult-oriented game on the Switch. "I thought it wouldn't be possible to release such a game for the Switch, but surprisingly, Nintendo gave me positive feedback," Aizu told the WSJ.

Other developers are reportedly mirroring Aizu's sentiments, with an unnamed executive at an external developer claiming that Nintendo's attitude toward mature titles "was passive until now, but that is no longer the right word to describe its stance today."

Nintendo was reportedly working to diversify its audience with the nightclub atmosphere of January's Switch presentation, which Nintendo executive Shinya Takahashi told the WSJ was intended to attract a grown-up western audience. Nintendo has also expressed a desire to reach a wide variety of play styles and audiences, with the company noting that "as with books, television and movies, different content is meant for different audiences."

Nintendo appears to be working to fix its third-party problem with Switch. In fact, Rockstar is bringing L.A. Noire to Switch, and Bethesda is not only releasing Skyrim, but also Doom and Wolfenstein 2 on Switch.Nintendo appears to be working to fix its third-party problem with Switch. In fact, Rockstar is bringing L.A. Noire to Switch, and Bethesda is not only releasing Skyrim, but also Doom and Wolfenstein 2 on Switch.


Super Mario Odyssey store demo is now a speedrunning favorite.
Players are racing through the 10-minute demo in half that time:

Players are hanging out in stores nationwide to check out the new Super Mario Odyssey demo, a 10-minute trial that has enormous speedrun potential. A new category has already sprung up, just based on what’s available at these in-store stations.

A number of speedruns are available on YouTube, all shot with handheld cameras and captured in stores. A person who goes by Fengari ran through the demo’s world, the sandy plains of Tostarena, in just over seven minutes, others have tried to best him with their own attempts.

It’s gotten to the point where viewers are offering tips to optimize Odyssey speedrun times. Some of those are other speedrunners, while others have just fallen in love with this highly specific category.

We’re pumped to see Super Mario Odyssey continue to develop into a popular title for speedrunners once the full game is available on Oct. 27.


Nintendo Switch Battery Issue May Not Be As Bad As It Looks

If your Switch battery appears to drain rapidly, it might be an issue with the battery indicator, and not your actual battery.

Since launch, some Switch owners have intermittently reported issues with the battery draining rapidly. This recent video from YouTube channel Switch Force shows a couple egregious examples—one person’s battery drains from 100% to 1% in a minute:

That looks scary, but Switch owners have reported this issue for a while, and it might not be totally catastrophic. It turns out that for some Switch users, once the battery reaches 1%, it doesn’t actually turn off. One person was able to play for an additional 30-45 minutes on 1% battery, with his total battery life lasting 3 hours in handheld mode. Another person said that they’d dealt with this issue since launch. One person I spoke to, redditor theseconddennis, also said he was able to play for a while until the battery shut off while on 1%. Today he solved the issue by turning the battery percentage display on and off, which worked for one other person.

So, if you’re watching your Switch battery drain really fast, it might not be all that bad. Most users who reported this issue were also able to get their Switches repaired or replaced by Nintendo. Still, if you’re freaking out, know that you might able to solve your problem with a tried and true method: turning it off and on again.


Touring Super Mario Odyssey's New Donk City:

Staff Writer at Kotaku

We recently played more Super Mario Odyssey and enjoyed the sights and sounds of New Donk City. If you want to learn about the city that never leaps, sit down to watch this informative travelogue before making a trip there when Odyssey releases on October 27th. 


If you’re looking to get away for a while, look no further than New Donk City. The crown jewel of the Metro Kingdom, New Donk brims with exciting activities and people to meet. It’s not just fun; it’s ri-DONK-ulously fun!

The first thing you’ll notice about this place is the people. The absurdly normal, not video game looking people. Say goodbye to krazy koopas and hello to a few friendly New Donkers. They might seem strange, but you’ll get use to it. They’re just working class guys and gals trying to survive.

Don’t let the drab, vaguely 1940s inspired attire fool you: New Donkers love to play. The city’s spacious streets are dotted with parks, though the parks aren’t exactly dotted with kids. No big deal. Adults can jump rope, too. Swing by the park and see if you can beat the Jump Rope Challenge or walk along the streets to s join in the growing craze of RC car racing. Those cars are easy to control. Really. It’s okay if you possess people in this city with a magical hat. Just let them go when you’re done: we have families.

New Donk City is stocked with outdoor cafes and plenty of places to relax. Even a tiny alleyway can provide a path upwards to new locations. Wall jumping and climbing are one hundred percent legal and some of the city’s best attractions are far above the bustling streets. You might find one of our collectable moons or dive into a luxurious swimming pool.

The mayor, Pauline, is no damsel in distress either. Focused on reinvigorating the city after ape attacks and mecha-wiggler shenanigans, Pauline is a patron of the arts who always looks for help to organize the next music festival. New Donk has many famous musicians including this one guy who plays the drums. Swing on by for a concert and dance the night away.

The city can get lonely but the good news is that even small acts of kindness go a long way. Sit down and unwind on a city bench. Talk to someone. It’s okay to feel a bit nervous. Even a bit of chit chat makes a big difference in New Donk City. And, by big difference, we mean: you’ll get a moon.

There have been reports of a dangerous mustachioed man causing havoc in the city but that’s an exaggeration. New Donk City is completely safe and there’s no way someone will randomly use your taxi as a spring-board. With music, games, people, and place, New Donk City is the place to be. It’s completely normal. You can see for yourself in October.