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"Booth, Gregory" 

How much are the Mario and luigi hats and how can I order them?


Hello Gregory. We don't sell those hat's. The Mario & Luigi's hats are put up on our site for Nintendo wear. But to order them. try to find some stores online like or the I'm not sure if Nintendo has stop the process of making those hats or not.
We got those photos off of the web. so finding them now are very slim. But we at NintendoCosmos do wish you luck in finding them.
Vicino: NintendoCosmos webmaster.


October 4th will be the anniversary of the late Gunpei Yokoi tragic death.
I was blessed to have met this brilliant man during the unveiling of Virtual Boyat the Electronic Entertainment Expo ( E3 1995 ). Many of you have never seen Mr. Yokoi but still photos. Well, I recently recovered the footage of me meeting Mr. Yokoi and I thought i'd share the experience to all the Nintendo and gaming fans. To celebrate Mr. Yokoi's contributions to the gaming industry - I put together a short tribute to the man practically responsible for ressurrecting the gaming industry.

I've uploaded the Yokoi footage in two locations:

Vimeo ( for best video quality ):

YouTube ( my retro gaming channel ):

I've also included an attachment to this e-mail -  a raw Yokoi clip to put on your site if you'd like :)
All i'd like in return is a credit / link to my Youtube channel featuring retro gaming & Misc.
If you have any questions -- feel free :)

I can also provide you a raw clip (Mpeg) of Mr.Yokoi  from the tribute video to attach to the Nintendo Beyond site.
All I ask from you is to include a credit / link back to my YouTube channel featuring retro gaming. Lemme know.
If you have any questions - feel free :)



I really enjoyed reading your email. and also enjoyed your video. your email will be sent to our mailbag and the video link with your youtube video of Gunpei Yokoi. & the rare clip of Gumpei will be put on his profile on our site. I will give you much credit for your submission as a thanks to submitted to us.
Also If you want to submit anything else Just go to our  community section.
Thanks for your kind submission.


I was browsing your website, and I'm curious to know how I could possibly purchase the red Mario hat at this link. It's such a great hat! I can't find one anywhere else like it. 

Eric Newman
Hello Eric,
We don't sell those hats. but you can always try 80stees for them. Or you can try this site. Ebay Mario hat i hope this links help and that you will get your Mario hat soon enough.


I am a journalist from the UK currently writing a piece on the original Game Boy. I have compiled a list on 20 great Game Boy games, and was wondering if you would be interested in giving your thoughts on each game. Just a small bit, maybe one or two lines on your memories, favourite parts etc. anything at all.
The games are as follows:
Dr Mario
Nintendo World Cup
Alien 3
Metroid II: Return of Samus
Super RC Pro AM
James Bond
Dr Franken
Kid Icarus of Myths and Monsters
Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge
Mega Man II
Kirby's Dream Land
Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land
Double Dragon
Donkey Kong Land
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
Pokemon Blue/Red
Legend of Zelda: Links Awekening
Super Mario Land
Mike Cumner-Price
Hello Mike. I've only played a few of the Gameboy games you have listed. So i'll try to tell you my memories about them.
1st} Metroid II: The Return of Samus: Believe it or not. But this is the first metroid game I've played. I only got has for as getting 2 energy packs and 5 missle upgrades.
2nd} Dr. Franken: I've Picked Up Dr. Franken at a Gamestop in Altoona Pensslvania. I've played it on my GBA SP for a half of an hour. But never got far since I had no clue what I was doing.
3rd} Kirby's Dreamland was the first Kirby Game I've played. I remember when I was a kid I would wake up at 5:30AM put on Cartoon Network Popular Kids station here in the US.) I've made it to the final boss which I didn't know it was King DDD at the time. But I lost the fight.
4th} Warioland: Super Mario Land 3: This is my first GameBoy game I played. my friend had the game and let me tried it out. It was one of my Favorite wario games at the time because it was the only one out for the GameBoy. I still own this game today.
5th} Donkey Kong Land: This game made me sleep less at night. I couldn't stop playing the game. I beat it and redid the whole game again trying to beat my time.
6th} Pokemon: Red/Blue: I first heard about Pokemon in one of my old issues of Nintendo Power Magazine. I read the artical and couldn't wait to play the game myself. this was before Pokemon got very popular at the time.
7th} The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening: I never played the GB version of this game but I did get the DX version when the GameBoy Color came out. It's another GB classic that I fell in love with. i couldn't keep my hands of of my GBC.
Final 8th} Tetris was a big hit for adults in the 80's i never got into it until the late 90's when i found this game at a house that was being cleaned out by someone's landlord. I decided to help out and found another treasure on the floor. it was the Atari 2600 Donkey Kong Cartridge. two treasures in one day. I went home and cleaned both games and pop the Tetris game into the GB Player on the Gamecube and I tried to get the high score.



Sebastian Mendez:

I'm really intersted in buying a pair of these mario an d luigi caps. Do you have them? Are they availible to buy?
Sorry, Sebastian. The only way to get those hats are from the Nintendo World Store. Located in New York City. The clothing and hats you see there are on display for the website. you are actually the 3rd person who ask us if the hats were for sale. check out our page to view the emails we received.

MAIL: Can You Send me a price list of your Nintendo Clothing? Do you have whole sale prices? Thank You Best Regards Richard Brissett

RESPONSE: Hello Richard Brissett If we at NintendoCosmos get a penny for every time someone ask about the whole sale Nintendo Products clothing we would be richer then Bill Gates. :~) However the clothes you see under the link Nintendo Clothes are just there for viewing some of the Nintendo Products. We are working on revamping that page. We don't now the prices for them at this time. but you can check out our MY TEE SPOT page for more info on Nintendo Clothing. Vicino: NintendoCosmos Webmaster/Founder