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Every once in a while I'll send an Email or a letter to Nintendo (NOA) about certain subjects. That concerns anything &/or Everything to us Gamers. I will list all replys from Nintendo as they Email or write back to us.

Concerning The Mii Channel

Subject:   Re : Webform: Wii > None Selected



We appreciate hearing about the types of products that you would like to see from us in the future. While there hasn't been an announcement concerning the Mii Channel, you never know what the future holds! As the worldwide leader and innovator in the creation of interactive entertainment, and because of our history of pushing the limits of gameplay and design, you can always count on Nintendo offering the most imaginative products.

In the meantime, keep checking our website's news section (www.
nintendo.com/newsmain) for the latest information and announcements.


Nintendo of America Inc.
Andi Anderson

Nintendo's home page
: http://www.nintendo.com/
Power Line (Automated Product Info): (425) 885-7529

Confirmation for order

Subject: Confirmation for Order #*******/Member #********

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Your Wii Remote Jacket order is currently being processed.

Due to a high volume of orders being received, there may be an

extended delay in shipping your order. There is no need to contact

Nintendo to verify the status of your order. Please visit

http://www.nintendo.com/cpp/orders/getOrders.do if you would like

to monitor the status of your order on your own,

Once your order has shipped, you will receive a confirmation

email from Nintendo. This email will include how long it should

take for your order to arrive from that point.

Thank you for your order!


Nintendo of America Inc.

Consumer Service Department


Confirmation pour la commande #*******/Member #********


Votre commande pour l’Étui de Télécommande Wii est présentement

en cours de traitement.

En raison du volume élevé de demandes que nous recevons, il pourrait

y avoir un délai prolongé pour traiter votre commande. Vous n’avez

pas besoin de contacter Nintendo pour vérifier l’état de celle-ci.

Veuillez visiter http://www.nintendo.com/cpp/orders/getOrders.do si

vous voulez vérifier l’état de votre commande vous-même.

Une fois que votre commande a été envoyée, vous recevrez un courriel

de confirmation de la part de Nintendo. Ce courriel vous indiquera

dans combien de temps votre colis pourrait vous parvenir à partir

de ce point.

Merci pour votre commande !


Nintendo of America Inc.

Département de Service au Consommateur


Confirmación para la orden #*******/miembro #********


Tu orden para la Funda del Control Remoto Wii se está procesando.

Debido al volumen alto de órdenes que hemos recibido, puede ser

que haya una demora prolongada en el envío de tu orden. No hay

necesidad de contactar Nintendo para hacer un seguimiento de tu orden.

Por favor visita http://www.nintendo.com/cpp/orders/getOrders.do

si deseas revisar el progreso de tu orden.

Una vez que tu orden se haya enviado, recibirás una confirmación de

Nintendo vía correo electrónico. Este correo electrónico incluirá

la estimación de tiempo del reparto de tu orden.

¡Gracias nuevamente por tu orden!


Nintendo of America Inc.

Departamento de Servicio al Consumidor