GameBoy Light:


The Game Boy Light was a system that was released only in Japan. Similar in size and weight to the Game Boy Pocket, the Game Boy Light is different because of an indiglo backlight. Besides the light, the Game Boy Light contains all the other functions of a normal Game Boy (batteries, contrast, etc.)

Japanese seed headphones (with volume control dial) Part No. : DMG-002
Japanese GB Light PSU Part No. : DMG-005
Pocket/Light Link Cable Part No. : MGB-008A
Universal Link Cable Part No. : DMG-04 DMG-04A
Super Game Boy/Super Famicom Adapter Part No. : SHVC-042 (can link with GB)

gbl_front_photo.jpg picture by NintendoBeyond

Front of GameBoy Light

gbl_back.jpg picture by NintendoBeyond

 Back of Game Boy Light: AAx2

gbl_left.jpg picture by NintendoBeyond

Left side of Game Boy Light:

1. Expansion port
2. Volume control

gbl_right.jpg picture by NintendoBeyond

Right side of Game Boy Light:

Contrast control

gblight_bottom.jpg picture by NintendoBeyond

Bottom of the Game Boy Light:

1. Headphone jack
2. AC Adapter

gblight_top.jpg picture by NintendoBeyond

1. Off/On/Light With 1. Game Cartridge slot