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Mana Knight:

I am the boy who wields the sword.

I am the boy who brought terror to this world.

I seek the courage to set things right,

to rid the world of darknees, to bring back the light.

 My companions and I set off on our quest.

We search new lands, we try our best.

By cannon or Dragon, we fly through the air fighting monsters.

Should we try? Do we dare?

We defeat the Emperor, but it was to late,

The mana Fortress has risen and left us with our fate.

The boy who left home is no longer here .

For I am Mana Knight, full of courage, with out fear.

The sight of the Mana Beast brought pity to my heart,

but it had to be to be done, though it nearly tore me apart.

finally, peace is restored to this wrold... For now....




Ode To Nintendo:

I think that I shall never see.

Someone who can pass level three.

With Goombas and Koopas and Bob-ombs galore.

Of course. there are a whole lot more.

I cannot defeat the Pirahna plant.

I can't seem to, no I can't.

but I'll set it to easy Mode.

And use my secret code.

I die on the stage where Mario dives

But I got 200 lives.

Beat level 3, ha! I can do it.

If I just put my mind to it.

Oh, no! I lost1 This is lame.

Want a used Nintendo game?



Retrun To The Light:

I thought I would never see,
some sony geek burning his PSP

With a radical Nintendo DS lite,
painted with gold to shine bright.

The geek bombed his PS3
when he first bought the Nintendo Wii.

He picked the Wii up to the bright sun light,
and said "wow look at the color white."

The geek friend bought and xbox 360.
The Geek kicked him in the balls and said "what a pity."

Nintendo has always been the reasons for gaming,
So quit your sony & microsoft fanboyism and stop your complaining.

The NES is what we shall play,
Since Nintendo hasn't faded away.
Chris Vicino
Bristol, CT
Nintendo Extremist:

It was decided by me
To buy a Nintendo Wii
I went to the shop and saw
Nothing more
Than Sony PS3

In anger I fled from the shop
And headed to 'DIY stop'
A sledgehammer was bought
Whilst paying my evil plan was thought
I sprinted back to that cursed place
Where I hit the store clerk in the face

Then I focused on the bulky machine
As I drenched and burnt it in kerosene
Whilst dancing and yelling "whose better now?"
The tyrant was dead, onlookers cheered, I took a bow

I thought of giving it a burial
I did, under a tree
Upon the tombstone I wrote SONY R.I.P
Then to my horror I realised I'd forgotten the PSP
By Goomba13
Sony Sin:

I went to buy a Nintendo DS
The one console that is the best
When I got to the shop
My feet froze and I stopped
There was nothing Nintendo not one
They were selling the PSP, what a con

I ran away and walked past a building site
I regained my senses and wanted to fight
I highjacked the bulldozer
As I yelled Down with Sony loser!

I drove the bulldozer through the wall
Where I crunched the building more and more
People were alarmed from the din
I grabbed the PSPs and threw them in the bin
To rid the shop of its cardinal sin
Then I chucked them in a hole
Where in 1 million years time they will be useful coal

There is one enemy left to fight
Worse than the Nazis and the KKK
Its one foul enemy I need to slay
Its Microsoft and its really...awful
By Goomba13

The Demon In My Pocket:
My DS is a Demon.
Possessing childrn very slowly.
Attracting children by it's charm,
Then traps them in another world filled with levels and secrets,
It's blank scree looks innocents,
And it runs out of battery life fast.
It takes hours of rest to recharge,
Then it regains control of power.
It rest in my dormat pocket,
Waitng to be awaken.
It's design is corrupt,
But it stills brings in wandering servants,
To be inslave by t'sgraphics,
And mind grabbing games.

John Bagazinski