Crazy Ceilings and Even Crazier Decorative Optical Illusions

When the time comes to make a change at home, many people opt for something out of the ordinary. The goal is to create a unique look that gets the attention of every person who walks through the door. In order to make a huge impact on the space, create an unusual ceiling. With the help of decorative ceiling tiles, consider making all sorts of patterns and designs that are sure to draw the eye upward. In the same way, use residential ceiling tiles on the walls to work as an optical illusion using different shapes, colors, and shadowing. While redecorating isn't always easy, there is a lot of satisfaction to be had at the end of the project. With the help of media like decorative ceiling tiles, there is no limit to the number of possibilities for interesting ceilings and decorative optical illusions.

The Maier Lab: Using Vision Science to Create Unique Decorative Ceiling Tiles

In addition to the science of vision and illusions, the links provided cover research ethics and basic lab skills.

Curator's Gallery Talk: Ceiling Murals

Chapel Art Center offers an event that explains some of the various ceiling murals by Father Raphael Pfisterer and their impact on the area's overall look.

The Carlson Lab: Sensory and Evolutionary Neuroscience

Everything from neuroscience to evolution and electric fish to illusions are mentioned in the links provided on this page and can be used to create interesting decorative optical illusions.

Haverford College: Tips for Decorating a Room and Ceiling Correctly

Because there are limits to how residence halls and campus buildings can be decorated, the school lists materials that could be acceptable when decorating.

Links and Optical Illusion Resources for Residential Ceiling Tiles

While there are lots of links on the page for a variety of different subjects, scroll down to the end for information on optical illusions.

Low Art Tile Book Collection

Browse through the various catalogs and examples of ceiling tiles provided by the historic Low Art Tile Works in Massachusetts.

Use Photoshop to Preview Decorative Ceiling Tiles in a Home

Take advantage of the multiple Photoshop tutorials available to help simulate the look of a ceiling decorated with unique tiles.

Using Hand-Decorated Residential Ceiling Tiles for Ultrasound Rooms

Check out this unique idea for creating a mural using different ceiling tiles. Because the experience of getting an ultrasound isn't always easy, handmade tiles transformed the ultrasound room.

Passion for Puzzles

With a list of links to other puzzle websites, there is no shortage of ideas on how to flex the brain and think about optical illusions.

The Gallery Ceiling: Maximizing Space

Gallery contributors talk about the process of creating an art gallery and how space in the ceiling was important when it came to the overall look.

Puzzle Express Crosswords and More

A variety of links cover illusions and puzzles like logic problems, crosswords, and even optical illusions.

Penn Fine Art Library: Decorative Tile for Unified Silla

To gain inspiration, check out some of the examples of decorative tiles used by Unified Silla, one of the Kingdoms of Korea from 668-935.

Perception Museums and Illusions: Ideas Using Residential Ceiling Tiles to Create Optical Illusions

With links to several perception museums, there are plenty of ways to get inspiration for a home improvement project that involves some type of illusion.

Pottery Roof Tile From the State of Yan

While it may be impractical to use something like this on a home ceiling, it is possible to try to re-create the texture and color using tiles.

The Psychology of Perception

Focusing on relating psychology to art, links are provided to a course as well as to various optical illusions to consider before getting started.

Cathedral Ceilings and Energy Efficiency

No matter what type of crazy ceiling a homeowner is trying to create, it is still important to consider which materials would be most energy-efficient.

Whitney Lab Outreach: Resources for Using Decorative Ceiling Tiles with Color, Shadows, and Optical Illusions

Get tips on making a room look different using things like colors and shadowing as an accent with the links on the page.

The University of Kansas: Decorative Roof Tiles

Take note of the roof tile featured. It is possible to re-create the look of the tile using different materials in order to make a creative ceiling.

Use Residential Ceiling Tiles as Fancy Halloween Frame

Think outside the ceiling and learn how to turn ceiling tiles into a picture frame or even a piece of art using materials found around the house.

Decorative Tiles of the Friday Mosque

Ceiling tiles can be used just about anywhere in the home, not just the ceiling, in order to create various patterns and designs as pictured.

Using Faux Decorative Ceiling Tiles to Transform a Kitchen

In this kitchen remodel, homeowners used faux ceiling tiles made of Styrofoam to create an appealing and upscale look.

City of Lauderdale Florida: Suspended Ceiling Sculpture

Places of business are also often looking for crazy and unique ways to decorate their ceilings in order to create a beautiful workspace.

DIY Wall Treatments Including Ways to Use Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Skip plain paint and create unique-looking walls with everything from records to pictures, ceiling tiles, and cork.

College Street Journal: Floor-to-Ceiling Art

Any type of ceiling can be more than just the top of a room; using various media, it can be a work of art.

3D Residential Ceiling Tiles Are Environmentally Friendly and Unique

When creating interesting ceilings, what could be more interesting than 3D tiles that offer depth and texture?

The Wolfsonian-Florida International University: Using Floral Decorative Ceiling Tiles

While the displayed tile is ceramic, it does create an interesting floral design that could be translated onto residential ceiling tiles.

Review of Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Take advantage of this review, offering insight into Decorative Ceiling Tiles and the different products offered to help create interesting ceilings in any home.

Ceiling Art, Including Residential Ceiling Tiles, for Surgical Areas

Ceiling art has the ability to transform all sorts of spaces, whether the goal is an optical illusion or just a uniquely decorated area.

Review of Faux-Tin Residential Ceiling Tiles

Learn more about how faux-tin tiles look and feel based on one reviewer's experience, and consider how they could be used to create novel ceiling ideas.

Home Decorations and Industry Trends for EU

As the structure of the EU continues to change, it is important to keep up with the various decorating trends happening in the region, including the different textiles produced.