I have to say that the Nintendo Color TV games was the first to be the Home consoles by Nintendo. Even though there was no cartridge slots for Games. The Games however were built in the hardware memory.  It was only sold in Japan in the Mid 70's to very early 80's. Click on the Links below to see infomation of the Color TV Games.

Color TV Game Block Kusure

Color TV Game 6

Color TV Game 15

Computer TV games


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Color TV Game
Manufacturer Nintendo
Type Dedicated console
Generation First generation
First available 1977-1979
Successor Nintendo Entertainment System

The Color TV Game series is a series of home dedicated consoles released by Nintendo. It debuted in 1977 with the Color TV Game 6. It contained 6 variations of "Light Tennis" (or Pong). The players controlled their paddles with dials attached directly to the machine. Additionally, as an alternative to the standard version, a white-colored C Battery powered model of the Color TV Game 6 was introduced. With a limited run of only a few hundred units, these white colored units are largely considered to be the most prized by serious collectors.

In 1978, Nintendo released the Color TV Game 15. With the two controllers now on cables (making for much more comfortable play) and 15 slightly different versions of Light Tennis, the CTG 15 sold over a million units. Two models of the CTG 15 were released, the only difference between the two being a slight color tint change. The lighter orange version is considered significantly more difficult to find by collectors, while the dark orange version is somewhat more common. In the same year, Nintendo released the Color TV Racing 112, a bird's-eye-view racing game that implemented a steering wheel and gearshift. Alternatively, two smaller controllers could be used for multiplayer.

The Color TV Game Block Kuzushi was released in 1979, a 1-player game based on Breakout. Like the Color TV Game 6, the in-game paddle was controlled by a dial attached to the system. The system's external design was one of Shigeru Miyamoto's first video-game projects after joining Nintendo in 1977.

Computer TV Game, unlike Nintendo's other system did not use a removeable storage system to store its games, either in cartridge form or disc form. It was distributed only in Japan, and one of them was a port of Nintendo's first arcade game Computer Othello.

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