Beginner Accounting and Entrepreneurial Resources

Accounting plays a critical role in a company's financial health. Who handles a company's accounting needs often varies depending on its size and the complexity of the accounts. For entrepreneurs, there are benefits to learning how to properly attend to the accounting needs of their business. These benefits range from having the ability to personally handle the company's bookkeeping to easier communication and greater understanding when dealing with accountants. Numerous resources are available for individuals who are new to accounting. Classes are available online and in person at community colleges, as are digital or hardcover books that teach accounting basics. Accounting software is another option for those beginning to delve into accounting. It's also never too early to set the foundation for understanding accounting. Parents can begin to teach their children about financial literacy, which not only aids them in future entrepreneurial endeavors but also can help with their personal and household accounting needs.

Kids' Internet Links

This link opens up a resource page on the Elliot Lake Public Library website. The page includes a range of links from an African safari site to an accounting guide for kids.

Kirby Kangaroo Club

Help kids learn good money-saving habits by logging onto the Kirby Kangaroo Club on the Family Credit Union website. Kids will learn about savings accounts, accounting basics, and more.

Profile: Heidi Hansel

Click this link for the faculty profile of Heidi Hansel at Kirkwood Community College. The profile includes professional and educational information.

Fourth-Grade Math Websites

On the Laverne Tigers Public School District website, site visitors and students will find a list of math-related websites.

Harrison District 2 Credit Union: Financial Links

On this page, the reader will find numerous links, including financial resources and links to financial information for kids. The page also includes federal government and automobile links.

Accounting I Class Files, Outsourced Accounting, and Other Links

Visit Mrs. Largo's Web page for Accounting I information and accounting links.

Accounting I: Links and Description

Open this page for a selection of accounting-related links and the course description. Course assignments and upcoming activities are also featured on this page.

Financial Literacy and Basic Accounting

Palmyra Area High School students can click this link for financial literacy websites. The page also includes links to financial literacy game sites.

Guide for Kids: Outsourced Accounting

Click on this link to find a kids' guide to accounting.

Class Resources, Enrichment Websites, and Outsourced Accounting Info

By clicking on this link, visitors can view links to online tutorials, educational articles, personal finance, and more at the South Central Career Center website.

Articles on Saving for College

Students and parents interested in saving for college will find a list of links to various articles on the topic here. A few common terms are also explained near the bottom of the page.

Personal Finance, Research, Bookkeeping Services, and More

Visit this page for a list of links that includes a number of personal finance sites. The page is broken into various categories, including links to car buying, college, and career sites.

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Students who visit this page will find a Unit 3 pre-calculus plan and links. The page also includes a number of associated videos.

College, Financial, and Outsourced Accounting Web Resources

Open this link for a list of accounting, loan, and career-related websites and articles.

Financial Literacy and Outsourced Accounting Websites

People interested in learning more about financial literacy may click this link to find a list of websites to review. The bottom of the page includes links to specific articles that the reader might find helpful.

CFP, Bookkeeping Services, and Other Financial Planning References

Click this link to review three columns of financial planning resources

Why Use Websites?

On this page, visitors will find information on several ways that websites are useful when looking for information. The page also advises people to use caution when using websites.

Social Entrepreneurship Resource Center

Visit this page for list of resources and links to Wesleyan University. Examples of links that are found on this page include conferences, books and magazines, funding resources, internships, and other opportunities.

Bookkeeping Services and Other Startup Resources

Open this link to view a page of startup business resources for entrepreneurs.

Three Benefits to the Bottom Line Gained From Outsourced Accounting

Learn about the benefits of outsourced accounting by clicking on this page to the Pallet Container Quotes blog.

Accounting and Outsourced Accounting Positions

Discover and read about several online accounting jobs by clicking on this link. Once clicked, the link opens to a page on the Million Online Jobs blog.

Master of Science in Accounting

Go here to visit the University of Tampa's Master of Science in Accounting curriculum page. Graduate program information, admissions, and frequently asked questions are some of the topics covered.

Master of Accounting Program

Follow this link to the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School's online accounting program. Visitors will find a video as well as reasons offered for why students should choose this program over others.

University of Phoenix Accounting Degrees

On this page, the reader will discover the benefits of pursuing a degree from the University of Phoenix. Degree levels from associate to master's as well as certificates are offered by this school.

MBA in Accounting

Baldwin Wallace University talks about their accounting program on this Web page. Visitors will also find links to other programs such as speech pathology and physician assistant.

State Accounting Office: Fiscal Leadership for Georgia

Open this page to visit the Georgia state government accounting office website.

Accounting Program: School of Business and Education

Prospective students of accounting can find information about Santa Fe Community College's accounting program on this Web page. Career opportunities and post-bachelor's-degree options are also covered.


Estrella Mountain Community College offers an accounting degree program that interested readers can find out by clicking this link. University transfer options, a career and employment outlook, and related programs are some of the subjects that this page offers information about.

Online Accounting Degree

Read about Ashford University's online accounting degree program by going to this page. Degree programs ranging from associate to master's are included, and visitors can request additional material by filling out a form on the right side.

MS in Accounting/MBA

Go to this page to get information about Northeastern University's accounting curriculum. Upcoming events and back-to-school information are some of the subjects that they cover here.

Master of Science in Accounting

Visit this page by the Martin J. Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University to find out about their online accounting program. Interested readers can find out about admissions, application requirements, and financial aid on the side panel to the left.

Accounting and Finance (B.S.)

Students looking to get into the accounting field can find out about Granite State College's program by clicking on this link. Weekend, online, and hybrid classes are offered here. Readers will also find a downloadable version of the school's curriculum.

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (United States)

Wikipedia explains the GAAP in this entry. History, basic concepts, and other subjects are covered.

Bachelor's in Accounting Degree Program

DeVry University offers prospective students information on their accounting degree program on their website. Career opportunities are explained here, and there is also a video for interested visitors to watch.

MS Programs: Master's in Accounting

Read about the Leeds School of Business master's in accounting program on this Web page. Prospective students can also read about other programs, such as business analytics and real estate.

North Carolina Accounting System Information Guide

Go here to visit the North Carolina government's accounting system website. Interested readers can find documentation on various subjects as well as data elements and training.

PhD Program: Accounting

By clicking on this link, readers can find information on the USC Marshall School of Business accounting program for PhD-seekers. Financial and managerial accounting are some of the curricula that post-graduate students can pursue.

Academic Programs: Accounting

Open this link to visit Northwestern Michigan College and get information on their two-year undergraduate accounting program.

Accounting Degree in Florida and Michigan and Online

Northwood University offers an accounting degree program for interested students. Readers can find out about what companies hire their graduates as well as download their curriculum guide.

Accounting AAS

Read about Houston Community College's accounting degree program by clicking this link. The main focus of this page is their curriculum information.

Accounting for Construction Contracts: Construction Tax Tips

The Internal Revenue Service offers interested readers information about taxes for employees and subcontractors in the construction industry. Taxable income and accounting methods and how to choose them are some of the subjects covered here.

MS Programs: Accounting

Click here to read about Fordham University's post-graduate accounting program and the requirements to complete it.

NSA Scholarship Foundation

Visitors to this link will reach the website for the National Society of Accountants and their scholarship programs.