Animal Crossing:

  • Golden Axe

    Give a Scallop Seashell to Pascal to get the Golden Axe. Note: This requires some trading. Start by purchasing a Red Turnip from Joan. Trade it to Wendel for a Turban or Country Guitar when he appears in town. If Wendel gave you a Turban, trade it to Sahara for a Massage Chair or Red Vase when she comes to town. If Sahara gave you a Massage Chair, trade it to Tortimer on the next holiday to get the Scallop Seashell.

  • Golden Bug Net

    Catch one of each type of bug to get the Golden Bug Net.

  • Golden Fishing Rod

    Catch one of each type of fish to get the Golden Fishing Rod.

  • Golden Shovel

    Bury a regular shovel in the ground. When dug up after 24 hours, it will be a Golden Shovel.

  • Golden Slingshot

    Shoot fifteen items out of the sky and a Golden Slingshot will appear in the sky. Shoot it down to collect it.

  • Golden Roses

    Plant red roses next to one another until black roses appear. Use the Golden Watering Can to water dying black roses and they will appear as golden the next day.

  • Golden Timer

    Get the Golden Axe, Golden Bug Net, Golden Fishing Rod, Golden Shovel, Golden Slingshot, and Golden Watering Can. Then, Tortimer will give you the Golden Timer.

  • Golden Watering Can

    Keep the environment perfect for sixteen consecutive days to get a Golden Watering Can from Pelly or Phyllis.

  • Museum Model

    Donate the most items to the museum by the time it is completed to get a Museum Model.

  • Paper

    Successfully complete the indicated tasks to unlock the corresponding paper, which cannot be bought or found:

  • Donation rewards

    Donate the indicated amount of Bells to Boondox to get the corresponding reward:

  • Home point rewards

    Get the indicated number of HRA points to win the corresponding reward:

  • House upgrades

    Pay back the indicated amount of debt to get the corresponding upgrade for your house:

  • Mush furniture

    Get acorns at the Acorn Festival, then give Cornimer the indicated number of acorns to get the corresponding Mush furniture piece:

  • Saving rewards

    Save the indicated amount of Bells at the Post Office to get the corresponding reward:

  • Animal Crossing Island (Japanese version)

    Connect to the houses of four friends and give Tom Nook 50 fossils. You will get a whistle that calls Kapp'n; he will take you to Animal Crossing Island. -From: ellichan

  • Mr. Resetti's home

    Restart the game at least two times to have Mr. Resstti appear. Then, use a shovel to hit all the rocks until one cracks. Hit that rock again, then enter the hole that appears to find Mr. Resetti's home.

  • Tom Nook's home

    Go to the back of Tom Nook's shop between 12:00 and 2:00 p.m. Use a shovel to hit the back wall three times, then hit the front entrance once to be able to enter and see Tom Nook in pajamas with a teddy bear.

  • Tom Nook's store progression

    The following are the expansions for Tom Nook's store and how to obtain them:

  • Tom Nook's store point rewards

    Buy as many things as possible in Tom Nook's store. Not only will his selection get bigger, but you will get points for every purchase. Get enough purchases to become a member. Keep spending at Tom Nook's store to accumulate PIM points, and rewards at the following levels:

  • Restock Tom Nook's store

    Save your game and then go to your phone. Select "Reset Clock" and change the date for Tom Nook to have all new furniture in his store.

  • Restock items

    Buy an item from Tom Nook or the Able sisters, then change the system date forward or back in time. Then, return to the same day you purchased the item and it will be restocked as if you never bought it.

  • Alternate inventory background

    Find a pattern that you like on a shirt. Drag the shirt over the invisible space on the lower left corner of the touchscreen and drop it there. Alternatively, go to the patterns section of your inventory. Select a desired pattern, then drag it to a similar invisible space in the lower left corner of the touchscreen and drop it there.

  • Writing bulletin board message for Tom Nook

    When you have to write the bulletin board message for Tom Nook, you can type just one letter and he will accept it to be there.

  • Become friends with Blathers

    Talk to Blathers when he looks sad to find out that he does not like bugs. Keep talking to him on consecutive days until he is done talking about his phobia.

  • Become friends with Brewster

    Keep buying coffee from Brewster at the café every day until he begins taking to you in a more friendly manner.

  • Become friends with Celeste

    Talk to Celeste at the observatory every day and tell her "You're cute" until she begins talking to you more.

  • Become friends with Sable

    Go in the Able Sisters store, then find Sable near the sewing machine and talk to her every day until she starts being friendly.

  • Picture of Saharah

    Get all carpet and wallpaper from Saharah. She will then give you a gift, which is a picture of her.

  • New haircuts styles

    Get a haircut from Harriet on consecutive days until you have had all six of them. The next day, get another haircut from her and she will offer the haircut styles for the gender opposite that of your character.

  • 4-Leaf Clover

    A 4-Leaf Clover may randomly appear with weed patches that are dug up. They can be used as a bookmark in your house or as a hair accessory.

  • Big Dot Shirt

    Go to the pattern page, then select a design and drag it to the bottom left hand corner. Look at your pockets and a Big Dot Shirt will be there.

  • Birthday Cake

    Someone in your town will give you a Birthday Cake when the game is played on your birthday.

  • Balloon presents

    Balloon presents always arrives when the time ends in a "4" and the wind is heard.

  • Coconuts

    Look on your beach each day to sometimes find a Coconut.

  • Jacob's Ladder flower

    Get your town to "Perfect" status from Pelly or Phyllis. Then, one Jacob's Ladders flower will appear at random somewhere in your town while it is in "Perfect" status.

  • Party Poppers

    Speak to Tortimer on New Year's Eve to get Party Poppers.

  • Roman Candles and Sparklers

    Talk to Tortimer during the Fireworks Show to get Roman Candles and Sparklers.

  • Snowman furniture

    In the winter, find the two snowballs in your town. Roll them to a medium size, then stack the snowballs by walking one into the other one at the bottom left of your town. If you make the snowman in the most extreme lower right square, and make him perfectly, you will be awarded two Snowman furniture instead of one.

  • Free furniture

    Sometimes when you go to the Town Hall, the recycling box may have furniture that you need. The lost and found at the Main Gate also may have free items. Talk to Booker, the dog on the left, to get to the lost and found.

  • Choose room color

    The color of the room in your first house is the same as the Nintendo DS menu color when you move into it. You can choose any color desired by first changing the Nintendo DS menu color before moving in.

  • Getting money

    Buy a fishing rod or bug net. If catching fish, keep the fish if they are rare or at least worth 1,000 Bells. If not, throw it back. You can also collect seashells of the same value. If catching bugs, catch them by listening to their sounds or watch for their colors. You can also look for treasure and many other things to collect money.

  • Easy money

    Go to the bank and access your account. Save all the money you have into the account. Save the game and turn off the DS. Change the date to ten years later and your money will go up, depending on how much is in there. It usually goes up 99,999 Bells.

    Put any amount of money into your savings account that is over 50,000 Bells. Then, change the system date to the year 2099. Resume the game and you will have a letter in the mail thanking you for keeping money in the account, and that they have added 99,999 Bells to it. Repeat this process as much as desired to get a lot of money, but note that you will receive a lot of weeds. Note: This works better if you change the system date to the year 2000, then play the game and save. Then, change the system date to the year 2099.

    Change the system date to January 1st to get mail from your Mom with 10,000 Bells.

    At 12:30 on any day, walk along the beach shore and look for fruit. Any fruit you find along the shore will be worth 500 Bells. Additionally, keep hitting rocks with an axe or shovel until finding a special one that gives a bag of Bells. Keep hitting the rocks until the bags stop appearing. Note: This only happens once per day.

    Dig up fossils in your town. Have Blathers check them, then sell them to Tom Nook. Many are worth up to 2,000 Bells.

    Use the Golden Shovel to bury money. It may grow into a tree that will grow Bells, depending on how much money was buried.

    Take your Golden Shovel and dig in random spots. Eventually you will dig up 100 Bells.

    Find a star on the ground and dig it up with your shovel, then sell it to Tom Nook. If it is a fossil, talk to the museum owl. Make sure you do not donate it, even when he asks if he can keep it. Sell it to Tom Nook for a few thousand Bells.

    Go to an online friend's town and pick their fruit and plant it in your town to make more money from the fruit when it grows. Additionally, to get more money for fruit, go to your friend's town. Instead of only 100 Bells you will get 500 Bells.

    Plant fruit from another town in your town (not your native fruit). Keep planting them until you have an orchard (fifty or more trees). You should have your pockets empty when you go to collect them (to maximize efficiency). After your pockets are full, sell then to Tom Nook for 500 Bells each. You can get 7,500 Bells for each pocketful of fruit.

    When Joan the turnip peddler comes to your town (every Sunday morning), ask her if she has Red Turnips. If she sells them to you, plant them right away. Water them every day for a week, and dig them up on Saturday. They will sell at Tom Nook's shop for 16,000 Bells.

    Shake trees until a hive of bees appear. Then, take out your net and catch them. Each bee is worth 4,500 Bells.

    Get a Fishing Rod and fish at the ocean around night time when it snows or rains. When you see a giant fish shadow, it will be a living fossil fish, worth 15,000 Bells.

    Go to the beach every day and look for shells. Do not bother picking up the Sand Dollars, Dall Tops, Venus Combs, or anything else worth less then 500 Bells. Just pick up the shells called "White Scallop" and "Pearl Oyster". They are the rarest kind. Also when you check, you might find a Coconut at the beach shore, or a Otter (sailor), and he might give you some random furniture.

    Take out your shovel and hit rocks with it until it spits out Bells. Keep hitting it, as it can go up to 20,000 Bells. If you want to get all the Bells, dig three holes away from the rock, and hit it. This will push you back but you will still hit the rock because the holes are there.

    Get a coconuts and bury them. After five to seven days, they will become trees. Shake them, and you will get more of that fruit. Sell them to Tom Nook for 500 Bells.

    Get a fruit that is not native to your town. Plant it and go ahead in time. Bury those fruits you find and go ahead in time again. Repeat this as much as desired, then sell all the fruit.

  • Easy fruit

    Send a letter to a villager with a gift in it and they may send you fruit. Most of the time the fruit is not native to your town; plant it for even more money.

  • Easier fishing and bug catching

    Walk when fishing, and creep when catching bugs.

  • Entering Crazy Redd's tent

    To enter Crazy Redd's tent you must give a password the first time and become a member. You can usually find the password by talking to some of the villagers.

  • Crazy Redd's passwords

    Use the indicated responses to access Crazy Redd's tent:

  • Detecting Crazy Redd's forged items

    Go up to an item and press A. Crazy Redd will tell you how much it costs. If there is a thought bubble over his head, and he says it "is a very nice item", "it took ol' Redd a long time to get his hands on that!", "a lot of wheeling and dealing", "when it comes to items for Crazy Redd's family, I won't stop 'til I get it!", or "I'm gonna offer it to you for only [number] Bells!", then the item is fake. Pay attention, because after he says these lines he will only say he had another cousin eyeing it. If an item seems very cheap, such as a few thousand Bells (for example, 2,800), then the item is probably fake. Note: This may not work if you do not buy the membership, because Crazy Redd only calls you family if you buy it. The membership is worth the 3,000 Bells.

    Buy a painting from Crazy Redd, then immediately check the catalog at Nook's shop. If the painting is listed in it, give it to Blathers to be appraised. If the painting is not listed in the catalog, it is a forgery. Sell it to Tom Nook instead of getting it appraised first, which will lower the selling price.

  • Lyle selling Accident Insurance

    Lyle will be outside your door every Saturday, trying to sell you insurance until you buy it. After that, if you ever trip, fall in a hole, or get stung by a bee, the next day he will send you 100 Bells for each accident.

  • Finding items in rocks

    If one of your neighbors is staring at a rock, there usually is something in it (for example, a Pill Bug).

  • Selling items

    When you try to sell items back to Tom Nook or Mabel they will only give you 25% of the original price.

  • Stop animals from moving

    Talk to animals when they are in their house, and their things are in boxes. Keep chatting until they say something like, "I'll have to think this over..." or "Maybe I should stay..." This works well with Mabel (the bear) or Ribbot (the robotic frog).

  • Keeping animals in their homes

    Go to the gate then ask Copper to open them for DS to DS visitors. After the gates are open, all animals in your town will be in their homes, making deliveries and looking inside their houses easier.

  • Keeping turnips longer

    To keep turnips longer then a week, put them on top of a table inside your house. They will stay fresh until you find a good price to sell them. Note: You must surround the part of the table with items before you drop the turnips so that the turnips do not go on the floor. It is recommended to put 100 turnips on each spot so that you can get more on the table.

  • Curing bee stings without medicine

    When you get a bee sting, go home, then go up to the attic and sleep. Turn off the Nintendo DS, then turn it back on. Mr. Ressetti will not appear, and the sting should be gone.

  • Changing time

    If you change the system time to certain extremes you will be punished by nature. When you resume your game, there will be hundreds of weeds everywhere which will take a long time to clear. The only upside is that you may find a four leaf clover.

  • Gulliver's appearance times

    Gulliver always flies above your town at 32 minutes past the hour, at any hour.

  • Making someone angry

    To make someone in your town mad at you, walk into them for a long period of time and push them around. If done correctly, they will become mad and steam will shoot out of the top of their head. They will not remain mad for too long, however.

  • GameCube reference

    Buy the Pink Box. On the top shelf of the box is an Indigo GameCube with a controller. There are a few GameCube games on the bottom shelf.

  • Legend Of Zelda series references

    Go to a neighbor's house that has the Kiddie set of furniture. This is the set with the floor that looks like puzzle pieces. Find the long dresser that takes up two squares. Press A or tap yourself while facing it to open the drawer. A message box will pop up, reading "You found 10 rupees! Lucky! Too bad you can't use them in this town." Additionally, in the back of Katrina's tent is a trident.

  • Mario references

    Get a Pinball Machine, then zoom in and place it so that it is facing away from you while you are facing down. Look carefully at the designs. You can see Mario on the bottom part and the Mushroom Kingdom on the top part.

    Occasionally in the clothes shop they will sell a Luigi hat. It is called "Lil Bro's Hat".

  • Mario Bros. reference

    In Pierce's (the buff blue eagle) room, open the refrigerator. The text "What are Luigi's clothes doing in here?" will appear.

    The Arcade Machine (Furniture) has a picture of the Mario Bros. on it, fighting.

  • Tortimer reference

    Go to the Post Office and talk to Pelly at the Civics part. If you look at the background, you can see a bit of Tortimer's face behind a counter.

  • Events
  • Trophies

    To get the Flower trophy easily and defeat all the competition in your town, plant lots of Purple and Black colored flowers. These flowers are rare, and Tom Nook does not sell them. To get them, go around your town and look for them growing. They will grow randomly once a week. When you find one, pick it and put it in your dresser. When it is time for the Flower Fest, take the collection from your dresser and make your entire garden out of them to win the contest and receive the Flower trophy.

  • Songs

    Go to Town Hall, talk to Pelly in the right booth, and select "Town Tunes". To play the following songs, lower case letters indicate low notes, capital case letters are higher octave notes.

  • Feung Shei

    To gain Feung Shei, or luck, place certain colored items in certain spaces of your house.




    Red or yellow

    Red or green

    Yellow or green

    The following items are lucky no matter where you place them in your house:

  • Fishes

    The following is a complete list of fish, their location, times to catch them, and their selling price:

  • Furniture themes

    Note: Most items are available in Tom Nook's store or Redd's tent.

    Boxing theme

    Construction theme

    Mad Scientist theme

    Mossy Garden theme

    Nursery theme

    Pirate theme

    Space theme

    Western theme

  • K.K. Slider songs

    Go to The Roost cafe in the basement of your museum on Saturday nights between 8:00 p.m. and 12:00 midnight and talk to K.K. Slider. You can have him pick a song for you or you can request a song. He also gives the song to you if desired. These are all of his songs:

    Note: The Forest Life song is the theme from the original Animal Crossing on the GameCube. The Go K.K. Rider song is music from Mario Paint.