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Home and Community Theater

Home and Community Theater: Sit Down and Enjoy the Show

People have been enjoying performances from thespians throughout history. These performances have become more elaborate productions over time, but still serve to entertain and even educate. Today people have options in the type of performances that they indulge in, from community theater to movies on film. They also have options in terms of where they are able to view them. In the past, theatrical performances and even movies on film were only viewable in theaters; today, people can easily enjoy their favorite performances within their homes.

Community Theater and History

There is much discussion and debate when it comes to the definition of a community theater. In general, theatrical performances that are typically noncommercial and performed by local acting groups for the community are known as community theater. These performances are held by volunteers who are generally not paid for their performances. Community performances may be large or small depending on the group, the production, and the size of the venue. In the United States, they are represented by the American Association of Community Theatre. Community theater is important because it introduces people to the arts and provides a venue for cultural and political expression. While the oldest existing community theater, The Footlight Club, was founded in 1877, it wasn't until the Little Theater Movement in the early 1900s that more theaters of this type were formed. The movement was meant to offer more than the commercial productions that almost exclusively dominated theater at the time. It was inspired by people who wanted more meaningful performances and more involvement from the community. Although community theater continued to grow in popularity, it went through a decline during WWII. This trend was reversed following the war and more theaters were formed than ever before. By 1959, there were an estimated 3,500 community theaters in the country.

Bring the Theater Home

Going to the theater, whether it is a live, community performance or a feature film at a movie theater, is appealing to many people. The energy of a live performance attracts some people to community theater, while the smell of popcorn and a large screen adds to the experience at movie theaters. There are, however, a lot of reasons why people prefer bringing the theater home, like the ever-rising cost of admission or the desire for greater comfort. Fortunately, it has never been easier to enjoy one's favorite performances at home. Even theater performances can be purchased and enjoyed in the privacy of one's home. Courtesy of technology such as high-definition, wall-mountable televisions, Blu-Ray players, video streaming, and superior sound systems, people can obtain a more intimate movie theater experience without the cost or crowds. For comfort, and to enhance their experience, theater-style seating is available for people who want to design their own private home theater.

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